34 Pinky and the Brain

August 27, 2018Podcast

One is a genius, the other’s insane! On this episode we definitively answer, once and for all, which one of us is a genius and which one is… not.

It’s Pinky and the Brain of course! We went on a fun little trip through some of this mid-’90s show’s best episodes (and one of its worst). Come join us, it’ll be fun and weird, I promise.

As requested by Jen’s mom, who is a patron, Jen talks at the end about some of the happier Montana memories.

33 To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

August 20, 2018Podcast

*IMPORTANT: We had some technical difficulties with this one, which explains why it’s late and also why the sound quality is bad from about minute 37 on. We’ve fixed it as well as we can and we apologize.

Our opinions on this movie about three drag queens are most irrelevant but that never stopped us before so we gave them anyway. If we crossed any lines or said ANYTHING disrespectful please let us know, and GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY DICK BARNEY!

32 Waterworld

August 13, 2018Podcast

Jet skis! Underwater cities! Eye patches! Jack Daniels! Horrible anti-feminist tropes! Gills! This movie has something for everyone.

In this episode you will hear us use the term “fish-man” a lot. This is because Kevin Costner is a fish-man. You will hear Jen make an argument about who the real hero and villain of this movie are, and she also tells a Montana story. Plus, you do not want to miss Micah perfectly recreating the opening narration from the movie.

There sure is a lot of water in this movie.

31 Murder, She Wrote

August 6, 2018Podcast

It’s so tragic how the youths are taking over and murdering all the good old tv shows with their new-fangled demographics.

It’s the finale of Murder, She Wrote! Did you ever stop to wonder how there are so many goddamn murders around Jessica Fletcher? Did you ever stop to wonder if the acting was super good on this show? Did you ever stop to think, why does that detective let that author do the crime solving? Well, whether you did or not, just listen to our damn episode.

Jen also talks about Scientology and the similarities between that and her experience in Montana. How does this connect to Murder, She Wrote? You’ll have to listen to find out. (It doesn’t.)

Transcript coming soon!