49 Pulp Fiction

December 24, 2018Podcast

It’s everyone’s favorite holiday movie, Pulp Fiction! Merry fucking Christmas motherfuckers. Our friend Kate Harlow joined us to discuss this hugely influential film, ‘90s edge lord Quentin Tarantino, dongs, and more!

CW: Rape, racism (we bleeped the one use of a racial slur in a clip we used). Also, we only discussed the use of the n-word but there are many other slurs used in this movie.

48 Jingle All the Way

December 17, 2018Podcast

I (jen) sure wish I never would have seen this movie. It *might* have been the most wonderful time of the year if I didn’t have to watch this movie. Remember Kindergarten Cop? Twins? I loved those movies. But I hate Jingle All the Way more than I loved those movies.

BUT, this episode has a very special introduction and I talk about what Christmas was like at the “therapeutic boarding school.” I do apologize for being so Christmas-centric. Not everyone celebrates this holiday and probably not everyone I was in Montana with celebrated it. After seeing Jingle All the Way I don’t think I’ll celebrate anything ever again.

46 Xena: Warrior Princess

December 3, 2018Podcast


This episode of I Never Saw That was forged in the heat of Xena: Warrior Princess! We watched the pilot, and despite our better judgment, we’ll be watching more. Jen definitively solves several mysteries in this episode, such as:

  • How big was the budget of this show?
  • Is shart a verb or a noun?
  • Are cyclopses funny?

For the answers, and the details about a new contest, you’ll have to listen all the way to the end.