36 The State

September 17, 2018Podcast

Do you enjoy listening to people giggle and talk about how good something is for about an hour? Then you are in luck this week, friends! Don’t be square like cheese, plates and bears. Come dip your balls into MTV’s “The State” with us. You’ll like it.

35 Before Sunrise

September 10, 2018Podcast

Strangers On A Train. Throw Momma from the Train. Murder on the Orient Express. The Darjeeling Limited. Back to the Future Part III. These are all good train movies. The movie we talk about in this episode isn’t really a train movie, but it starts on a train. And it’s good. It’s an actual good movie. Like 100% on Rotten Tomatoes good! Join us as we discuss the 1995 film Before Sunrise and give an update on The Curse of I Never Saw That.