76 Tommy Boy

October 29, 2019Podcast

This week we’re joined by a very special guest and friend of the podcast, Elliott! Jen and Elliott watched 1995’s Tommy Boy, the Chris Farley and David Spade classic, and Elliott shares his thoughts and innermost feelings. Micah didn’t watch it so he doesn’t talk about it much, but he does have another installment of everyone’s favorite segment for you, his fans. Jen finally brings back everyone’s least favorite segment, so there’s that too.


75 The Quick and the Dead

October 14, 2019Podcast

We’re back with The Quick and the Dead! A different sort of western we guess? Who needs a plot when you have guns?

This one’s a little long but we hope that since we haven’t released an episode in a damn month you won’t mind. 

Micah tries something new with see you in the funny papers this week, and one thing we can say about that is that it was definitely a thing we did and that it made Jen look like a real dillhole who cannot pick up on very obvious hints.

Jen mostly gushes about Gene Hackman, who owns her heart *and* this damn town.