55 Bogus

February 18, 2019Podcast

What can we say about 1996’s “Bogus” that hasn’t already been said by film industry veterans?

“The undisputed biggest smash hit, oui oui, of 1996*, bonjour, because of the charm of a certain Frenchman”– Gerard Depardieu

“Award-nominated** performance”– Whoopi Goldberg

“Did you see how fucking cute that kid was? JESUS that’s a cute fuckin’ kid”– Haley Joel Osment

“Did you see Nancy Travis’s boobs?”– Nancy Travis

One of us mostly enjoyed this movie and one of us was a dick about it. You’ll have to listen to find out who was who!

* This has been disputed. This movie had a budget of $25,000,000 and it raked in $4,000,000.

**the award was a Razzie.

54 Desperado

February 11, 2019Podcast

Why don’t you come to your senses and listen to this episode about 1995’s Desperado, starring the sexiest pair of humans there ever was: Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. There’s a lot of blood! And laughs! And guitars! And sexiness! Plus jen enlightens the world with some profound* proverbs and micah shares a brilliant** theory about this movie. 

Jen also shares a little about what’s been happening in the Montana part of her life since our last episode.

*they are not

**it is not