61 Family Challenge

April 8, 2019Podcast

CW: Suicide, depression, anxiety

This episode is challenging for a variety of reasons, but we also make each other laugh a lot and we are joined at the beginning by a very special guest: Sadie! She helps us explore the little-known family obstacle course game show, Family Challenge! A lot of thought went into this one, folks.

Listen to the beginning to hear Sadie, listen to the end to hear Jen get real about mental health, and listen to the middle for laughs, but whatever you do, do not watch Family Challenge. Under no circumstances should you search for “Family Challenge Flynn vs. Miller” on that popular video website on the internets. This is not one of those times where we mean you should really watch it as we’re saying not to. We’re not winking. Really don’t watch it. Please.

60 Beverly Hills 90210

April 1, 2019Podcast

Yep. We’re flipping the script this week and watching something Micah never saw: Beverly Hills 90210. Micah doesn’t give a hoot about this show, but Jen loved it before she left for Montana and she missed seasons 5 and 6. So, naturally, we watched a few episodes from season 1 and the season 5 premiere and finale. If that sounds very confusing, it was! But this podcast episode is not confusing and very easy to follow — we hope. Enjoy!

RIP Luke Perry