53 Montana and Johnny Mnemonic

January 28, 2019Podcast

This episode has two parts, which is why it’s longer than usual. Part one is Jen talking in depth about Montana, and she even finally says the name of the school and the headmaster out loud! This is the equivalent of saying Voldemort’s name out loud!

CW: This part addresses suicide, trauma, and abuse. If you’re not up for that, skip ahead about 30 minutes for Johnny Mnemonic, which is the silliest episode we’ve done in a while. We’re bringing you both sides of the spectrum with this one, and we really hope you’ll join us.

51 Party of Five

January 15, 2019Podcast

Party of Five is about five kids. One of them is Jack from Lost. One of them is named Claudia and one is named Julia but we call both of them Julia for most of the episode. Don’t worry about it. Jen makes some spot on Breakfast Club comparisons and Micah uncovers… something… we’re not sure what but we know Full House and JD Salinger are involved. Jen talks about Montana in this one too!