93 The Head Episode 1

March 28, 2022Podcast

Tale as old as time. Guy goes for walk at night, sees a bright light, blacks out and wakes up with a giant-ass head. We’re talking about MTV’s The Head! This show is delightfully weird and jen definitely would have watched it if she hadn’t been sent away. Come with us as we hang out with Jim, Roy the alien, and a doctor who’s absolutely Beavis’s uncle or something.

92 Smoke

March 21, 2022Podcast

Rest in peace, William Hurt. In honor of his death, we discuss the star-studded 1995 movie Smoke. Harvey Keitel! Forest Whitaker! Stockard Channing!
We get deep this week. What makes a life worth living? What was Christmas like at the therapeutic boarding school? Why the fuck did jen inadvertently make See You in the Funny Papers longer?

91 M.A.N.T.I.S. Episode 3

March 14, 2022Podcast

Welp, M.A.N.T.I.S. really went off the rails after the pilot, and we go off right with it. Micah brings an EIGHT-panel See You in the Funny Papers, Jen considers a new podcast where she just recites 80s movies, and we talk about one of the cultiest things about Jen’s therapeutic boarding school.