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February 12, 2018I Never Saw That

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I Never Saw That

January 19, 2018I Never Saw That

In 1994, Jen was sent to a “therapeutic boarding school” in The Middle of Nowhere, Montana. (She had some issues.) That meant a lot of things, but one is that Jen missed two full years of popular culture when she was 16-18 years old. Join Jen and her husband Micah and revisit your old faves as they travel back to the mid-90s to watch, listen to, and talk about what Jen missed.

Listen to our first episode to understand what this podcast is about and why we’re time traveling back to the mid-90s.

111 Die Hard With A Vengeance

August 8, 2022Podcast

Simon says: Listen to this podcast about a blockbuster from summer
This isn’t the greatest film, but we’ve watched dumber

It stars Bruce Willis and Samuel L.
A mysterious German puts them through hell

They have to solve riddles and race across town
If they fail, things go boom, and Bruce Willis will frown

You know it’s 1995’s Die Hard With A Vengeance, you’re no sucker!
Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!

110 Endless Summer II

August 1, 2022Podcast

Jen wouldn’t stop her incessant bleating about how tired of Summer Blockbusters she was, so we’re taking a break of sorts and chasing waves around the world. This week instead of explosions and guns we talk about Bruce Brown’s Endless Summer II from 1994. And we’re joined by a returning special guest, Elliott!

109 True Lies

July 25, 2022Podcast

It’s the worst of our summer blockbusters so far—1994’s True Lies! Hear Arnold Schwarzenegger talk to horses! Hear Jamie Lee Curtis scream! Hear yet another absolutely baffling See You in the Funny Papers! Also, help us answer: Is this our “that’s what she said” episode? If so, we promise never to do it again.

107 Mission: Impossible

July 11, 2022Podcast

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to listen to the next in our Summer Blockbuster series: Mission: Impossible!

That’s a lot of colons! We promise there’s no colon talk in the episode. There’s also no Mission Mountain School talk in the Mission: Impossible episode? How’d we miss that opportunity? It’s probably The Gideons’ fault. Those damn Gideons.

Anyway, Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames and helicopters and disks and cables and stuff.

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106 Independence Day

July 4, 2022Podcast

We’re kicking off our Summer Blockbuster series with a very apropos classic from 1996 — Independence Day starring Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Vivica Fox, and Jeff Goldblum! Contrary to jen’s opinion, this movie is not Men in Black.

Come whoop E.T.’s ass with us, but seriously, fuck this country.

Thank you so much to our patrons and all our supporters!

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105 Beavis and Butthead with Eric Part 2

June 27, 2022Podcast

Part 2 of our Beavis and Butthead adventure with Eric! Get ready for the worst comic you’ve ever had described to you by a couple of assholes and 5 more episodes of Beavis and Butthead’s incisive commentary on both music and bungholes.

Thank you so much to our patrons and all our supporters!

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104 Beavis and Butthead with Eric

June 20, 2022Podcast

This is part 1 of our 2-part Beavis and Butthead miniseries with our friend Eric! We hope you like Beavis and Butthead because Jen put in approximately 1 million clips this week. Join us! And find out if you, too, are too lazy to rock and too lazy to clean the tub.

Thank you so much to our patrons and all our supporters!

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