Jen cries again in this one! And you should too, because Rickie is homeless in these episodes and if that doesn’t make you cry you probably don’t have a heart.

As we near the end of My So Called Life and process our feelings about that, we tackle some of the big questions, like:

Why is Katimsky so fucking difficult for Jen to pronounce correctly?

Is this show actually about schizophrenia, or is it just that Micah’s a cynical asshole?

What’s going to happen with Graham and Hallie, and also who cares?

Has there ever been a more flawless mashup of “Vogue” and the Doc McStuffins theme song?

New Year’s resolutions are absurd. That’s not a question, just a statement I wanted to throw in.

Did you hang this teddy bear from the urinal?

IS it a wonderful life?

Join us.

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Transcript coming soon!