41 Star Trek: Voyager

October 22, 2018Podcast

Jen jumps back into some Montana stuff this week based on some listener questions, specifically the transition from therapeutic boarding school to college, and from Kool-Aid drinker to reality.

Oh, and we also talked about Star Trek: Voyager and we sure did a bad job talking about space stuff. Watch out for quantum singularities and hop onboard!

40 Bad Boys

October 15, 2018Podcast

Whatcha gonna do? You’re gonna join us for our episode on 1995’s Bad Boys, that’s what. We get deep into the real issues in this one, such as: Why *does* Michael Bay make movies? What *is* the right way to use the phrase “yada yada?” And *why* isn’t this movie funnier?

We haven’t talked about Montana for a couple weeks but we’ll get into some listener questions next week!

39 Weezer

October 8, 2018Podcast

We got to talk to our friends Diana and David about Weezer’s triple-platinum debut album: Weezer, or The Blue Album, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love — nevermind, that’s a lie. The world is a dumpster fire, but this album is really good and it was so much fun to talk to Diana and David about one of their favorite albums!

38 Ken Marino’s Elastic Pants

October 1, 2018Podcast

We interviewed Ken Marino! Seriously! And he was absolutely delightful. He was gracious and patient and funny and honest and curious and sincere and we can’t express how appreciative we are and how honored we are that we got to speak with him. Jen and Micah asked all the hard-hitting questions, didn’t hold anything back, and definitely didn’t gush over him at all. Plus, he took his pants off not once but TWICE within the first minute of our conversation, so.

Not only did we get the back story on The State, but we got to talk about his other work and even delved into topics such as parenting and politics. (In fact, we talked for so long that we had to cut some parts and those will be available to our patrons on Patreon!) AND because Ken is such a beautiful angel of a man, he expressed a genuine interest in Jen’s Montana story, so this is also a good Montana episode!

Note One: As a certified famous person Ken Marino has intimate relationships with other certified famous persons and calls them by nicknames and familiar monikers. Below is a key to help you understand who he’s talking about.

“Tom” = Thomas Lennon
“Black” or “Mike Black” = Michael Ian Black
“Kerri” = Kerri Kenney-Silver
“David” = David Wain
“Adam” = Adam Scott
“Lizzie” = Lizzie Caplan
“Kevin” = Kevin Allison
“Ben” = Ben Garant
“Joe” = Joe LoTruglio

Note Two: As a certified “one of Ken Marino’s best friends”™, Jen calls Ken Marino by nicknames and familiar monikers. Below is a key to help you understand who she’s talking about.

“Ken” = Ken Marino

37 Singled Out

September 24, 2018Podcast

We at I Never Saw That care about our listeners, and that’s why we sacrificed ourselves, and our dignity, to watch MTV’s mid-90s dating show, “Singled Out.” Not only was it hosted by two awful people, but it’s also just a burning trash fire of sexism and…it’s real bad. But Jen does draw a connection between this shit show and her time in Montana, and Micah talks far more about Certs than the show itself. Everybody wins!

35 Before Sunrise

September 10, 2018Podcast

Strangers On A Train. Throw Momma from the Train. Murder on the Orient Express. The Darjeeling Limited. Back to the Future Part III. These are all good train movies. The movie we talk about in this episode isn’t really a train movie, but it starts on a train. And it’s good. It’s an actual good movie. Like 100% on Rotten Tomatoes good! Join us as we discuss the 1995 film Before Sunrise and give an update on The Curse of I Never Saw That.

34 Pinky and the Brain

August 27, 2018Podcast

One is a genius, the other’s insane! On this episode we definitively answer, once and for all, which one of us is a genius and which one is… not.

It’s Pinky and the Brain of course! We went on a fun little trip through some of this mid-’90s show’s best episodes (and one of its worst). Come join us, it’ll be fun and weird, I promise.

As requested by Jen’s mom, who is a patron, Jen talks at the end about some of the happier Montana memories.

33 To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

August 20, 2018Podcast

*IMPORTANT: We had some technical difficulties with this one, which explains why it’s late and also why the sound quality is bad from about minute 37 on. We’ve fixed it as well as we can and we apologize.

Our opinions on this movie about three drag queens are most irrelevant but that never stopped us before so we gave them anyway. If we crossed any lines or said ANYTHING disrespectful please let us know, and GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY DICK BARNEY!

32 Waterworld

August 13, 2018Podcast

Jet skis! Underwater cities! Eye patches! Jack Daniels! Horrible anti-feminist tropes! Gills! This movie has something for everyone.

In this episode you will hear us use the term “fish-man” a lot. This is because Kevin Costner is a fish-man. You will hear Jen make an argument about who the real hero and villain of this movie are, and she also tells a Montana story. Plus, you do not want to miss Micah perfectly recreating the opening narration from the movie.

There sure is a lot of water in this movie.