31 Murder, She Wrote

August 6, 2018Podcast

It’s so tragic how the youths are taking over and murdering all the good old tv shows with their new-fangled demographics.

It’s the finale of Murder, She Wrote! Did you ever stop to wonder how there are so many goddamn murders around Jessica Fletcher? Did you ever stop to wonder if the acting was super good on this show? Did you ever stop to think, why does that detective let that author do the crime solving? Well, whether you did or not, just listen to our damn episode.

Jen also talks about Scientology and the similarities between that and her experience in Montana. How does this connect to Murder, She Wrote? You’ll have to listen to find out. (It doesn’t.)

Transcript coming soon!

30 Music Videos 2

July 30, 2018Podcast

Another special episode of I Never Saw That Music Video! We watched the music videos for the following songs (in no particular order): Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio, Fantasy by Mariah Carey, and Drop by The Pharcyde. (They are in a very particular order).

Jen sings again a few times and nails it each time. Micah sings again and nails it in a different way. The mystery remains as to why Micah’s notes are all squashed down, but Mariah’s aren’t.

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28 Space Jam

July 16, 2018Podcast

We have very special guests this week! First, Jen has a candid conversation with her brother Scotty about his experience when Jen was sent away to Montana. Then we explore the 1996 film Space Jam with Scotty and Nicky (Jen’s sister-in-law).

Come on and slam and welcome to the jam
Come on and slam if you want to jam
Take your beans with you at all times
We got balls!

(Lyrics adapted from Quad City DJ’s Space Jam)

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27 ER Pilot

July 9, 2018Podcast

This week we watched the pilot of ER — Earned Runs — a baseball show set in Chicago. Just kidding everybody, Micah just made a REALLY funny joke about what ER stands for and we all laughed and laughed.

This show is intense! Get ready to get intense with George Clooney, Juliana Margulies, WILLIAM H. MACY, and the rest of the gang and their shenanigans at County General Hospital.

Jen talks about her experience in Montana a bit at the beginning, and clarifies the fact that no, her experience being sent away from home for two years to the middle of nowhere is not the same as having parents who didn’t let you watch stuff.

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26 NewsRadio Take 2!

July 2, 2018Podcast

We watched more NewsRadio! And we liked it more! We watched a few episodes from season 2 and a couple from other seasons and we had a great time, so if you hated us last week, you’ll like this one better!

Also, there’s no Montana talk this week. We’re still trying to figure out how to work that in on a more regular basis. We’ll talk more about Montana next week and we plan to have more guests from that time in Jen’s life soon.

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25 NewsRadio Season 1

June 25, 2018Podcast

Look, I don’t usually condone making fun of people’s names, but some names are the best names and to not laugh at them would be like telling the universe to fuck off.

Let us be perfectly clear: We did not see Joe Rogan do standup on purpose.

Our apologies to Dave Foley on this one. And our apologies to our friend Graham, because Jen accidentally thanked him for music instead of artwork at the end of the episode.

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23 Music Videos

June 11, 2018Podcast

It’s a special episode of I Never Saw That! We’re starting our exploration of music videos! First up: Soundgarden, TLC, and Björk. Plus, you get to hear Micah’s interpretation of a Mariah Carey song and Jen’s Swedish Chef impression. So, I think enough has been said here.

We don’t talk about Montana at all in this one (and didn’t last week either) but we’ll get back to some of that next week.

Transcript coming soon!