91 M.A.N.T.I.S. Episode 3

March 14, 2022Podcast

Welp, M.A.N.T.I.S. really went off the rails after the pilot, and we go off right with it. Micah brings an EIGHT-panel See You in the Funny Papers, Jen considers a new podcast where she just recites 80s movies, and we talk about one of the cultiest things about Jen’s therapeutic boarding school.

86 Gargoyles – S1 Eps 11-13 with Shift

June 26, 2020Podcast

We finally did it! We finished our last chapter of our Gargoyles adventure. Boy am I gonna miss that loin cloth.

More importantly though, this week we are joined by a very special guest and friend, Shift, who shares some of his brilliance with us. This was recorded a couple weeks ago, just after the murder of George Floyd, and Shift is a Black man who shared his perspective not only on See You in the Funny Papers and what’s under Goliath’s loin cloth, but racial violence, protesting, and anti-racism work. Listen to him.

*Disclaimer: None of us are medical experts so do not take our thoughts on vinegar as fact.

Support Shift! Follow @madblaqueer and @the_luciferous_shift on Instagram, and he is on Patreon.

85 Gargoyles – S1 Eps 9-10

May 11, 2020Podcast

‘Goyles! We’re talking about ‘Goyles again as all the superfans call Gargoyles. Just two episode recaps this week because it’s a Sunday on See You in the Funny Papers and Micah got excited. Also Jen brings it hard with a new educational segment about US History (see U.S. Constitution Article XIII(c)i). She also brings it hard with talk of gargoyle sex parts, so this one isn’t for the kiddies.


Note: Sorry about the background noise on this one. We had to deal with a rogue fan during our recording session. I wish I meant a crazed listener, but I don’t. It got very hot and toasty this week here at INST HQ and there was an air circulating type of fan that kept turning off and on and we couldn’t control it.

83 Gargoyles – The Remaining Awakenings

April 27, 2020Podcast

We continue awakening with the Gargoyles this week as we cover the episodes entitled Awakening, Part 3, Awakening, Part 4, and, you guessed it, Awakening, Part 5!

Micah describes a new and exciting comic as part of See You in the Funny Papers and we give explicit details on how to reach us by spelling out Micah’s contact info. I’d write it out here too, but that seems like overkill. Jen also talks about the food situation in Montana.

Finally, we had to bleep out a few words that discuss a product that may be coming to market soon. We hope it’s not too confusing. Please don’t ask us what the name is. We shan’t tell.

82 Gargoyles S1 Eps 1-2

April 20, 2020Podcast

Gargoyles! We watched some of it, but we didn’t really talk about it much. So if you got excited, we’re sorry. Gargoyles was a cartoon show on in 1994, but you wouldn’t know that from listening to this episode that is purportedly about said cartoon show.

Micah does his really dumb and long segment and Jen presents another letter from her school and then we run out of time to talk about the actual topic for the week. BUT! We plan to watch a lot of Gargoyles in the coming weeks and we promise we’ll talk about those sweet stone/statue/beasts a lot very soon.