101 Theodore Rex

May 23, 2022Podcast

Finally, by popular demand, we watched the movie everyone has been waiting for us to cover, the only movie Whoopi Goodberg has ever REGRETTED making, the undisputed greatest dinosaur movie of all time: It’s Theodore Rex! The dinosaurs talk! They wear clothes! They fart on people! And jen tells a brief Montana story about deer and stumps.

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99 The Head Episode 7 The Finale

May 9, 2022Podcast

It’s the last episode of The Head! The invasion has arrived, the aliens have captured Dr. Elliott, and the feds are in love! Micah brings the most nothing See You in the Funny Papers yet, and we reveal what our special 100th episode will be!

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98 The Head Episode 6

May 2, 2022Podcast

It’s the penultimate episode of The Head! Roy’s been captured! The alien invasion is on its way! The feds are still dill holes! Plus Micah describes a crotch with sickening detail and we talk about the similarities between assholes like Elon Musk and the assholes that ran the therapeutic boarding school.

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97 The Head Episode 5

April 25, 2022Podcast

Things take a weird turn this week, and for this show that’s really saying something. The feds are into each other! We find out how Roy the alien has sex! And jen talks about how she had to carry a backpack full of rocks in Montana, as a metaphor. That rocks thing is definitely the strangest part, now that I think about it.

96 The Head Episode 4

April 18, 2022Podcast

*Note: We are having some sound issues with our mics and did our best to edit them out. We apologize for any sounds that are not pleasing to your ear holes. Parts of this one will also be posted to our sex podcast feed (also called I Never Saw That). That’s right, there’s sex in one of these episodes of The Head! Which leads us to a discussion about Montana and masturbation. See You in the Funny Papers is a frickin gem this week, and not because the comic is good. Listen to this episode, ya hillbillies! Stick around to the end for a promo from a friend.

94 The Head Episode 2

April 4, 2022Podcast

This week we talk about more episode(s) of MTV’s The Head. Micah starts off by being super wrong and sharing a confusing See You In The Funny Papers, Jim’s new head tenant, Roy, gives more details about the coming alien invasion and how to stop it, and jen discusses the effectiveness of therapy based on bad enemies-become-friends tropes.

93 The Head Episode 1

March 28, 2022Podcast

Tale as old as time. Guy goes for walk at night, sees a bright light, blacks out and wakes up with a giant-ass head. We’re talking about MTV’s The Head! This show is delightfully weird and jen definitely would have watched it if she hadn’t been sent away. Come with us as we hang out with Jim, Roy the alien, and a doctor who’s absolutely Beavis’s uncle or something.

92 Smoke

March 21, 2022Podcast

Rest in peace, William Hurt. In honor of his death, we discuss the star-studded 1995 movie Smoke. Harvey Keitel! Forest Whitaker! Stockard Channing!
We get deep this week. What makes a life worth living? What was Christmas like at the therapeutic boarding school? Why the fuck did jen inadvertently make See You in the Funny Papers longer?