23 Music Videos

June 11, 2018Podcast

It’s a special episode of I Never Saw That! We’re starting our exploration of music videos! First up: Soundgarden, TLC, and Björk. Plus, you get to hear Micah’s interpretation of a Mariah Carey song and Jen’s Swedish Chef impression. So, I think enough has been said here.

We don’t talk about Montana at all in this one (and didn’t last week either) but we’ll get back to some of that next week.

Transcript coming soon!

21 Casper (not the mattress)

May 28, 2018Podcast

For this week’s episode on the 1995 family film “Casper,” we tried recording with our kids! Our best idea? No! But through the magic of editing, it worked out alright because kids are cute and say funny things. We hope you think so too, and if you don’t, at least it’s short! And this episode is almost family friendly (there’s one shit at the beginning and one at the end)!

Transcript coming soon!

20 The Mask and Montana

May 21, 2018Podcast

This week we talk about “The Mask” starring Jim Carrey. It’s a terrible movie, so we spend a lot more time talking with our guest Sarah Fontana, who was with Jen at the “therapeutic boarding school,” about that experience. We talk about everything (except The Mask).

CW: discussion of abusive “therapy” methods, traumatic situations. But don’t worry, we also laugh a lot.

Transcript coming soon!

18 Dangerous Minds

May 7, 2018Podcast

Let’s be clear: the best thing about this movie is Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise.” And now this podcast episode. Come join in our frustration as we talk about Michelle Pfeiffer white savioring the shit out of some kids!

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17 Frasier

April 30, 2018Podcast

Get yourself some tossed salad and scrambled eggs and join us as we explore one of Seattle’s most enduring cultural legacies: Frasier!

In this episode, we discuss the pilot and the ski lodge episode, Micah tells some “great” jokes, and Jen tells a story about the time she went on a “very similar” ski vacation as the ski lodge episode.

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16 Batman ForNever

April 23, 2018Podcast

Oof, this movie. We spent some of our precious hours here on earth watching this flaming dumpster fire, so come join us for a precious hour of yours as we talk about the important things. Boners, and well mostly just boners. But you also get to hear Micah sing and Jen makes an ass of herself SEVERAL times. Plus we come up with the perfect metaphor for this group of Batman movies.

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Transcript coming soon!