57 James’ Playlist Side A

March 4, 2019Podcast

Our friend and podcasting enthusiast James Anderson invited himself onto our show to do a playlist back when we first started this thing, so we figured we would let him come on so he would get off our asses about it already.

I am of course joking. We had a blast, aside from that time he made us listen to Blues Traveler.

Come along as we dissect some of James’ favorite songs from the ’90s!

55 Bogus

February 18, 2019Podcast

What can we say about 1996’s “Bogus” that hasn’t already been said by film industry veterans?

“The undisputed biggest smash hit, oui oui, of 1996*, bonjour, because of the charm of a certain Frenchman”– Gerard Depardieu

“Award-nominated** performance”– Whoopi Goldberg

“Did you see how fucking cute that kid was? JESUS that’s a cute fuckin’ kid”– Haley Joel Osment

“Did you see Nancy Travis’s boobs?”– Nancy Travis

One of us mostly enjoyed this movie and one of us was a dick about it. You’ll have to listen to find out who was who!

* This has been disputed. This movie had a budget of $25,000,000 and it raked in $4,000,000.

**the award was a Razzie.

54 Desperado

February 11, 2019Podcast

Why don’t you come to your senses and listen to this episode about 1995’s Desperado, starring the sexiest pair of humans there ever was: Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. There’s a lot of blood! And laughs! And guitars! And sexiness! Plus jen enlightens the world with some profound* proverbs and micah shares a brilliant** theory about this movie. 

Jen also shares a little about what’s been happening in the Montana part of her life since our last episode.

*they are not

**it is not

53 Montana and Johnny Mnemonic

January 28, 2019Podcast

This episode has two parts, which is why it’s longer than usual. Part one is Jen talking in depth about Montana, and she even finally says the name of the school and the headmaster out loud! This is the equivalent of saying Voldemort’s name out loud!

CW: This part addresses suicide, trauma, and abuse. If you’re not up for that, skip ahead about 30 minutes for Johnny Mnemonic, which is the silliest episode we’ve done in a while. We’re bringing you both sides of the spectrum with this one, and we really hope you’ll join us.

52 Tank Girl

January 21, 2019Podcast

We try to keep our episodes to an hour or less but this one is our 52nd episode and we just left PodCon so we had some gushing to do at the end.

Tank Girl. Girl Power. Fuck abusive men. Stand up for each other. Dress men in muppet costumes. Wait, what?

Lastly, Micah raps in this one. Sort of.

51 Party of Five

January 15, 2019Podcast

Party of Five is about five kids. One of them is Jack from Lost. One of them is named Claudia and one is named Julia but we call both of them Julia for most of the episode. Don’t worry about it. Jen makes some spot on Breakfast Club comparisons and Micah uncovers… something… we’re not sure what but we know Full House and JD Salinger are involved. Jen talks about Montana in this one too!

49 Pulp Fiction

December 24, 2018Podcast

It’s everyone’s favorite holiday movie, Pulp Fiction! Merry fucking Christmas motherfuckers. Our friend Kate Harlow joined us to discuss this hugely influential film, ‘90s edge lord Quentin Tarantino, dongs, and more!

CW: Rape, racism (we bleeped the one use of a racial slur in a clip we used). Also, we only discussed the use of the n-word but there are many other slurs used in this movie.

48 Jingle All the Way

December 17, 2018Podcast

I (jen) sure wish I never would have seen this movie. It *might* have been the most wonderful time of the year if I didn’t have to watch this movie. Remember Kindergarten Cop? Twins? I loved those movies. But I hate Jingle All the Way more than I loved those movies.

BUT, this episode has a very special introduction and I talk about what Christmas was like at the “therapeutic boarding school.” I do apologize for being so Christmas-centric. Not everyone celebrates this holiday and probably not everyone I was in Montana with celebrated it. After seeing Jingle All the Way I don’t think I’ll celebrate anything ever again.