75 The Quick and the Dead

October 14, 2019Podcast

We’re back with The Quick and the Dead! A different sort of western we guess? Who needs a plot when you have guns?

This one’s a little long but we hope that since we haven’t released an episode in a damn month you won’t mind. 

Micah tries something new with see you in the funny papers this week, and one thing we can say about that is that it was definitely a thing we did and that it made Jen look like a real dillhole who cannot pick up on very obvious hints.

Jen mostly gushes about Gene Hackman, who owns her heart *and* this damn town.

74 All the Tattoo of Death Endings and Miscellanea

September 15, 2019Podcast

Well, this is a weird one. And that’s saying a lot if you look back at our oeuvre. There’s some ‘90s comic strip education, a little adventure choosing, some heavy talk of Montana and parental relationships, and a description of a game we play that we ripped off from a popular television show. See if you can keep up.

SPOILER ALERT: We are about to ruin — no, that’s not the right word. It’s impossible to ruin something that is this bad. We’re about to give away all the endings to the R.A. Montgomery book “Tattoo of Death.” We’re not reading them all word for word, we’re just recapping. Originally we were going to do a 13-episode Tattoo of Death miniseries, called Tattoo of Death:The Miniseries:The Revenge. But now we’re not, OK? That was a ludicrous idea! This is better!

As for the other content, I don’t even know what to say. Good luck I guess. And thank you.

73 Tattoo of Death Miniseries Episodes 1 and 2

August 26, 2019Podcast

Remember that wild Choose Your Own Adventure episode we did with the Yule brothers from Finish It‽ Well get ready for some more of that action, except without the Yule brothers and therefore a lot less good.

We bring you our 13-episode Tattoo of Death miniseries, called Tattoo of Death:The Miniseries:The Revenge. These were going to be Patreon-exclusive minisodes (which is why it’s mostly just Jen reading the book) but we’d rather share all the remaining ways we can die in Tattoo of Death with ALL of you!

We do this with Finish It’s blessing, in case you’re worried that we’re trying to steal their show. 🙂

72 Bad Hair Day

August 12, 2019Podcast

This week is all about Weird Al Yankovic’s Bad Hair Day from 1996! This topic was chosen by one of our newest Patreon supporters, Mike, and we had fun listening to this whole album for the first time. So thanks, Mike! Many tracks coincided with things we’ve already discussed in previous episodes, which we realized makes a lot of sense: Weird Al likes to be topical and relevant. Come for the parody and stay for the wicked accordion grooves.

71 Tattoo of Death with Finish It!

August 5, 2019Podcast

It’s a Finish It!/I Never Saw That crossover episode! Get ready for adventure as we explore the 1995 Choose Your Own Adventure book Tattoo of Death! We are joined by the official interactive fiction experts, the Yule brothers! This episode is a little long but trust us, it’s worth it. Every moment with the Yules is a goddamn delight.