02 Cool Runnings

January 22, 2018Podcast

Cool Runnings. The BEST MOVIE you guys. This is our first episode. Why did we do the BEST MOVIE for our first episode? It’ll be all downhill from here! Get it? Downhill? Bobsledding? Tune in for more hilarious wit.

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Transcript coming soon!

01 Montana Transcript

January 22, 2018Transcript

Jen: So, before we delve into the consuming of mid-90s pop culture, which I’m very excited to do,

Micah: Fill in those black holes, pop culture blind spots, if you will?

Jen: Yeah, yup. I thought we should give a little bit of context about what it means when we say that I was sent to Montana, not by choi- or, that I lived in Montana for two years, not by choice. (more…)

I Never Saw That

January 19, 2018I Never Saw That

In 1994, Jen was sent to a “therapeutic boarding school” in The Middle of Nowhere, Montana. (She had some issues.) That meant a lot of things, but one is that Jen missed two full years of popular culture when she was 16-18 years old. Join Jen and her husband Micah and revisit your old faves as they travel back to the mid-90s to watch, listen to, and talk about what Jen missed.

Listen to our first episode to understand what this podcast is about and why we’re time traveling back to the mid-90s.